La Tanière du Dragon – Disneyland attraction

Disney's dragon's lair

During my many visits to Disneyland Paris, I’ve never missed a visit to Sleeping Beauty Castle. In this building, I always went from surprise to surprise, but until now I’d been unaware of the existence of an equally interesting underground feature. When I discovered this one, I thought it was time to try my hand at a new adventure, the one offered by La Tanière du Dragon.

In fact, deep in the basement of Sleeping Beauty Castle lies this Disneyland park activity. It’s a hidden passageway housing a 27-metre-long dragon. It’s the alter ego of the curse to which the young girl fell victim. Its horns adorn the entrance to the den. Surprisingly (at least to me), La Tanière du Dragon has been around since the park opened. To get there, you have to pass through the Centrale Plaza on the left-hand side of the castle. Alternatively, you can enter from Merlin’s store, or by following the path along the Castle from Snow White’s well, on the right-hand side towards Fantasyland.

entrance to the dragon cave under the disneyland paris castle

The Dragon’s Lair is in fact a prison. Humidity and darkness prevail. The sleeping dragon lies in the center of the cavern, but beware, the beast is a light sleeper. His snoring stops abruptly at the slightest suspicious noise. The animal is put off by the cheerless tunes. Many visitors are frightened by this more-than-realistic creature, but that’s what makes this attraction stand out, and it’s well worth the detour.

There are no restrictions on visiting the Dragon’s Lair. Everyone has access, adults and children alike. I highly recommend a family visit. This will reassure youngsters during their little bouts of fear.