Pirate beach – Disneyland attraction

children's area: pirate beach

Pirate Beach is on theAdventure Island side. It is located to the far north. So if your kids want their own special attraction, you’ll have easy access. They can easily climb aboard Captain Hook’s galleon and pretend to be real pirates! This is the third playground in the park, but it’s considered an attraction in its own right. Before taking your children on this trip, take the time to find out all you can about it!

Have you noticed? A galleon has decided to land its boat in the area! This small tropical island normally serves as a training camp for all pirates. But the latter was devastated, then abandoned. It’s also worth noting that the previous inhabitants of the latter fled, leaving a treasure behind them! And you don’t know the last one? The boat would be Captain Hook’s, and he would use the island as a training base. Something tells me he wants to get his hands on the treasure instead, and he doesn’t want anyone around him to do it.

where to find the pirate beach

As you’ve probably guessed, this is a children’s attraction. It is divided into two zones: one for children aged three to six, the other for older children aged seven to nine. They’ll be able to unravel the mystery and see if Captain Hook really does train. And who knows, your little ones might just find the treasure!

Of course, when your children are indoors, you need to keep an eye on them. After all, he mustn’t hurt himself! But you’re not allowed to play with them, which is a shame!