King Ludwig’s Castle – Disneyland Restaurant

King Ludwigs Castle in the Disney Village

An enchanted castle in the heart of Disney Village. It marked our stay at Disneyland. We’ve been told that King Ludwig’s Castle Restaurant is still the building most evocative of King Ludwig II’s character. Lost among the fir trees and perched on a rocky spur, Neuschwaustein Castle is a jewel of Bavarian architecture. This building is like something out of a fairy tale. Our little princesses were delighted to have a meal there.

King Ludwigs Castle Disney location

At Disneyland’s King Ludwig’s Castle, the meal is served at the table. We’re served a king’s feast. The à la carte menus are reminiscent of medieval times. A royal banquet with sausages, hamburgers and chocolate desserts straight from Germany awaits you. As we were there in summer, meals were lighter. In winter, however, you can enjoy their delicious tartiflettes and sauerkraut. I loved these preparations to the point of becoming a regular.

meal at King Ludwigs Castle

At King Ludwig’s Castle restaurant, you can enjoy a meal with really affordable value for money. I find that compared with other Disneyland hotels, the price is very affordable here. establishment. At lunchtime, you can enjoy a menu for 15.99 euros if it’s from 25.99 euros in the evening. Children’s rates start at 12.99 euros.

Aside from the pleasant setting and tasty dishes, the service is just as satisfying. The staff at King Ludwig’s Castle restaurant are very welcoming. If you’d like to enjoy a meal at Disneyland Paris while experiencing (pleasant) thrills with family and friends, I recommend King Ludwig’s Castle restaurant.

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