Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones attraction at Disney

As a follower of the whole Indiana Jones saga, a trip to the Temple of Peril seemed an obvious choice. In this way, I was able to reproduce the path taken by the famous archaeologist. Nestled in the heart of Adventureland, the temple gives you the opportunity to investigate the disappearance of an entire expedition team, and you’ll be in for some surprises on this perilous mission.

An exceptional setting

To get to this Disney Paris attraction, I had to climb the hill lost in the lush jungle to the north-west of Adventureland. On arriving in front of the temple, I spotted two gargoyles guarding the entrance. These are huge, imposing fawns surrounded by thick vegetation, mingling with the sand-colored boulders. These form the gigantic pillars and colossal towers at the heart of the ruined monument.

But first, I visited the camp to see the footprints left by the wild animals that inhabit this jungle. Then there’s Willy’s Jeep, whose appearance tells the story of all the adventures he’s had. And next door, you’ve got barrels and wood piled one on top of the other. Some of these materials are essential for exploring the ruins. I was then able to deduce that the camp was not far from here.

location of the entrance to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

A unique experience

You form a group of adventurers to experience Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. You’ll take a fairly narrow path surrounded by two thick palisades of tall bamboo stalks into dense forest. The journey continues until we reach the long-awaited camp. A tent with a table full of provisions stands by the fire. All groups of explorers find a command post here, consisting of a desk with a radio and a pair of binoculars.

At the entrance to the temple stand two huge royal cobras, known in Hindu culture as Najas. They border a huge stone staircase from which horrible screams escape. In addition, an underground rail network takes you to discover the archaeological treasures of the area, but against all odds, the temple dedicated to the god Shiva is revealed. This is the Temple of Peril. To explore this amazing place in depth, you need to take a wagon.

You’ve almost reached your destination. Arm yourself with courage (and patience if you don’t have a Disney Premier Access Ticket) and jump right into the heart of the adventure. It’s time to board the car, which slowly moves forward before winding up an engine. I was a bit scared when I started this part of the journey. Rusty chains make it difficult to get to the top, but as legend has it, treasure awaits those who dare to climb to the top. We won our bet. This gave us a breathtaking view of the temple’s surroundings, but there’s more to come. The descent comes suddenly, with no warning. This time, we cross the ruins at high speed.

I’ve finished my story. Now it’s your turn. Beware, strong emotions are guaranteed!

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