Horse-drawn Streetcars – Disneyland Attraction


During my visit to Disneyland Paris, I was fascinated by the sight of Horse-drawn Streetcars. Strolling along Main Street U.S.A., this horse-drawn streetcar is inspired by 19th-century vehicles. You don’t see this kind of transportation anymore. So I gave it a try, and enjoyed the ride on this folkloric Disneyland Paris attraction. On the one hand, it allowed me – who likes peace and quiet, especially in the morning – to avoid the morning hustle and bustle of the sidewalks between Town Square and Central Plaza. Horse-drawn Streetcars are the coolest way to get to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. I even noticed that the little ones insisted on sitting up front, next to the driver.

Horse-drawn Streetcars offer carnival-style fun as you explore Main Street from top to bottom. The vehicle is expertly decorated. You can also admire it in the Main Street Transportation Company’s streetcar stables in Town Square.

or take the car to cheveaux at Disneyland Paris

If you’re planning to ride Horse-drawn Streetcars, there are three lines. The routes are, of course, different. Depending on your choice, you can take the one bound for “San Francisco”, “Saint Louis” or “Saratoga”. The Horse-drawn Streetcars are extremely elegant, with their red and gold openwork carriages. At first glance, and without their folkloric decorations, they sometimes remind me of London buses, but it’s nothing of the sort. Everything puts you in the mood for the 19th century. Try it and see! The sight of the drivers’ outfits and period costumes is sure to take your breath away.

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