Halloween Disneyland: evening, decorations, and all the information on this season!

halloween disneyland

Halloween… The time of year when you can bring out your most frightening costumes and your most horrifying makeup.

However, it is not a holiday that is very popular in France. You have to go to parks or specific parties to enjoy the terrifying atmosphere of this period.

A stay at Disneyland Paris during the Halloween season is a great opportunity to meet up with people who also want to spend this festive period in the full context that surrounds it.

Although Disneyland Paris promises a wild atmosphere throughout the year thanks to its various attractions, shows, and parades, the Halloween season amplifies all the sensations and emotions you can feel.

Everything is put in place by the Disneyland team to ensure that your Halloween evening is frightfully successful.

This Disney season takes place only in Disneyland Park and not in the Walt Disney Studios. As for the dates of this season, they range from late September to early November. The exact dates vary from year to year.

In this article, I will give you information related to everything that is set up in the park during the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris.

The decoration of Disneyland Park

The first thing you appreciate and look forward to during the Halloween period at Disneyland Paris is the Disney Halloween decoration.

And, if no decorations are set up in the streets of your town, in Eurodisney park, the decorations are thought out on a grand scale. These decorations are visible without waiting in lines since they are present absolutely everywhere in the park!

Pumpkins, spider webs, bats, witches… All these little things make you shiver on the way to the attractions or to your Disney hotel. Or simply along your walk.

In addition to that, at this time of the year the Disneyland weather is still relatively mild. It is neither too hot nor too cold. So you can afford to walk around the park to enjoy all the decorations.

In this way, it is an integral part of the overall show that the park offers you.

Attractions revisited for Halloween

Generally speaking, the attractions at Disneyland Paris are accessible all year round, whether the current seasons are ongoing or not.

But during the Halloween season, two attractions in particular are there to give you intense emotions…

There is the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror where you experience a beautiful and big free fall from the 13th floor… Or at least, if you dare.

There is also the Phantom Manor. It has reopened this year for your greatest pleasure… or your greatest terror. It’s a haunted house where, every time you turn, you risk coming face to face with a ghost or a spirit…

It’s a way to add a bit of intensity to your stay at Disneyland Halloween. A way to spice up your Halloween celebration with family or friends…

Halloween Parade: A procession of Disney heroes

The famous parade, anticipated by both young and old alike. Each season has its own parade.

It’s the opportunity to see your favorite heroes and characters, on a float in an outfit suitable for the occasion. And yes, you’re not the only ones celebrating during this dreadful period that is Halloween.

The characters, too, love to celebrate.

In addition to that, there is a magnificent float: Mickey’s Manor of Illusions, which adds even more chills to the show and the overall atmosphere of the park during this season.

You can see your favorite characters up close, you can greet them and be greeted in return. You discover them in a setting you are not used to seeing them in, and in a unique universe for the current year.

Or even unique in general, since each year the parades are improved and/or changed.

Horrifying shows

As for the stationary shows, you have the chance to enjoy them twice as much thanks to the Disney Villains show and the nighttime Disney Illuminations show.

The Disney Villains show highlights the most evil villains who chase your favorite heroes through stories and years.

At the Castle Theater, the villains make you oscillate between laughter and fear…

And the nighttime Disney Illuminations show takes place on the facade of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Mickey presents a show that immerses you in the heart of Disney stories, both past and new…

For these shows, no thrills. At least no physical sensations. You just need to open your eyes wide and your hearts wider to enjoy a special moment with the characters and your loved ones.

The characters of Disneyland

characters Disneyland Halloween

What is particularly interesting in this Halloween season at Disneyland Paris is the opportunity to meet even more characters.

You can meet the usual characters but they are dressed in their Halloween costumes. You can enjoy a more intimate moment with them.

And if you’re not watching your back, they have free rein to play a little trick on you… they make you experience moments of laughter and sharing.

But you can also meet the Disney villains, who are dressed in their villain costumes all year round. And beware… they roam the park and are ready to put a spell on you.

Chills and discoveries are on the agenda, no worries!

Two Halloween evenings

And of course, it’s impossible to go to Disneyland Paris without taking a little trip to the Halloween evening.

But since this Disney Halloween evening is more than popular, now it is doubled. There are two Halloween evenings. One on the evening of the 31st, the exact day of Halloween. And one a few days before the 31st.

This way you have a better chance of being able to enjoy it if you are not at the Disney park on the 31st. Or simply if you couldn’t make it there.

This evening does not lose its appeal over the years. It is still as popular as ever. It allows you to put on your most frightening costume, to do your most horrifying makeup.

You get to enjoy unique activities that are only available during the Halloween evening. It’s the Disney night not to be missed when you’re at Disneyland during Halloween.

Halloween evening at Disneyland Paris


In other words, going to Disneyland Paris during the Halloween season guarantees you the most frightening celebration you’ve ever experienced. You get to enjoy revamped shows: stage performances, parades, meetings with characters, and the park’s decoration.

You have numerous opportunities to dress up, apply makeup, and scare your fellow parkgoers who, like you, want to make their Halloween the best Halloween they’ve ever experienced.

It’s the most intense Disney season in terms of spine-tingling sensations… Let yourself be surprised; you won’t be disappointed!