Fairytale Land – Disneyland Attraction

the land of fairy tales

As a fan of Disney’s Paris attractions, I like to write about my experiences in the various parks. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things. So, this time, let’s talk about Fairytale Land.

Passing under the bridge supporting a section of the Disneyland Railroad, you’ll find yourself in Storybook. It’sa part of Fantasyland set up over twenty years ago. The inauguration dates back to 1993. This Disneyland attraction is none other than the book of Disney fairy tales. The document summarizing the adventure is available at the entrance. It’s huge. It features images of the Enchanted Valley from the short film Mickey and the Beanstalk.

situation in fairytale land

On my first visit, I couldn’t resist climbing aboard one of these 16 charming boats. They look like little barges. What amused me most was that each of them was named after a Disney female character: Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Feline, Perdita and so on. I feel like a giant in front of the miniature Disney movie sets that adorn the landscape of our cruise.

The Storybook, or Fairytale Land, is full of surprising details. You might spot a wolf ready to pounce behind a fir tree, or the Big Ruby statue in the Caverne aux Merveilles.

In short, this cruise was a real pleasure for me, and I’d recommend it to all visitors to Fantasyland. It’s a chance to experience the world of your favorite animated films. You’ll see La Belle sitting on the fountain in the middle of the village, and many other surprises besides. This evolution into the heart of the enchanted kingdom was well orchestrated by the organizers.