Dumbo, The Flying Elephant – Disneyland Attraction

Dumbo Flying Elephant attraction

After the rehabilitation of the Dumbo, The Flying Elephant attraction, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up taking my little family to Fantasyland. The magic happened. I see Dumbo again. He’s still smiling. Reproduced in several prototypes (16) ready to take you flying under a carnival air, the elephant carries on its back a maximum of two adults and a child, but never a child alone! Besides, in this airplane ride, there’s always someone piloting the gondola. You can lift it into the air to admire the panoramic views offered by this children’s attraction. You can also lower it to the level of the fountains, right on the surface of the water surrounding the islet at the top of which Timothée, from the top of his hot-air balloon, orchestrates everything.

find the entrance to the Dumbo merry-go-round

Timothée is Dumbo’s playmate. As soon as the mouse raises its feather, the flight begins. For two minutes, the time of a song or piece of music, the merry-go-round rotates around its central axis. During these magical moments, I enjoyed observing the asymmetry caused by the different decisions made by the pilots of each pod. Some of the baby elephants were flying high above others below. Harmony is nevertheless present. You can synchronize the height of your basket with others. It’s just plain fun. I can’t recommend Dumbo, The Flying Elephant enough, if only once. It’s a classic attraction, I admit, but well worth the effort. A word of advice: the little ones go up first!

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