Disney Blockbuster Café – Disneyland Restaurant

Disney Blockbuster Café Disneyland Paris

Here, we have a lot of fun while we eat. So much fun! I couldn’t resist taking my children there after my first visit. This spacious Eurodisney restaurant is equipped with a big screen, and pays tribute to the great hits of Disney cinema. The industrial decor of the restaurant, in the style of a station concourse, encourages noise, and so when it’s busy, which is often the case, the place is quite noisy, but that’s very understandable. You can’t help but be delighted by these Iron Man or Pirates of the Caribbean-style sets. The Disney Blockbuster Café is easy to spot. It’s just opposite the Rock’n Roller Coaster exit (and soon the entrance to the Marvel zone).

Blockbuster Café location

I tried the Blockbuster menu for €14.99. We gave me a choice between a sandwich, a large salad and a hot dish. I have preferred the latter, which reinvigorated me so much. Then, still in this menu, I have to choose between the fresh salad and Lay’s plain chips. This salad. No comment, it’s simply delicious. Then came dessert and a cold drink. My children have, for their On the other hand, they were satisfied with the €8.99 menu.

meal at Blockbuster Café

Hearty Disney meals are served in fast-food restaurants. You take your share, sit in front of the big screen, and consume. Lighter preparations can be taken over the counter. You can have pasta, pizza or sandwiches. Do you really want to have fun indoors like in a park while eating good food? I recommend Disney Blockbuster Café.