Crockett’s Saloon – Disneyland Restaurant

crockett's saloon at Disneyland

As a good billiards fan that I am, how could I not be aware of the existence of Crockett’s Saloon among the Disneyland Paris snack bars? In fact, it’s a rather secluded corner of Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, a vast all-green concession that regulars consider a haven where you can quench your thirst while playing. The setting is rustic. The wooden buildings take you back to the days of Wild West saloons. I’ll come back to it several times. I often imagine getting off my horse, tying it up somewhere, then appearing in the room, greeting my comrades Lucky Luke style. The mood is indeed upbeat and lively enough. There’s a nice crowd. Is there anything to eat?

map of crockett's saloon

Of course, the owner never leaves you hungry. in his tavern. He’s a good friend, that one. The duo menu is available at 29 €. It includes two pizzas and two drinks. Adult menu, is fully booked, but to benefit from it, you need a half-board coupon. standard. It consists of a starter, main course, dessert and a drink. Children can enjoy a special menu at €17. For to accompany these Crockett’s Saloon-style meals, you have a wide choice of beverages. Me, who imagines myself in the Wild West, I had the amusing idea of trying out one of the following of these Wild West cocktails, priced at €9.99. The Butch Cassidy wasn’t very strong for me, but it was good.

You can order pizzas to take away. You can have a ham and cheese pizza or a cheese pizza for €14.99. Alternatively, you can make do with a croque-Monsieur for €8.99, again to take away.