The Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals at Disneyland

New Year's Eve dinner at EuroDisney

What would Christmas at Disneyland Paris be without a proper meal? Well, your Disneyland park also offers two grand meals: one for New Year’s Eve and another for Christmas Day. For both occasions, you can easily find a menu that will certainly tantalize your taste buds. However, as you can probably imagine, it’s essential to make a reservation if you want to dine at a restaurant since you’re not the only ones eager to indulge. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that these menus are quite expensive. For instance, at the “What’s an American Restaurant,” the price for an adult is 315€ and 160€ for children during the first service, which starts at 6:30 PM. Of course, the second service is pricier, and it begins at 9:30 PM.

However, don’t worry, you can still enjoy a meal at table-service restaurants or opt for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Buffet options are generally less expensive than table-service restaurants, but they still come with relatively high prices. If you don’t feel like dining in the park in the evening, you can always dine at your hotel. Each hotel has its own menu, but it’s worth noting that prices may not necessarily be lower.

The menus all follow the same format. Here are the various stages of the meal:

  • An appetizer: this is simply to have a little aperitif to end the day on a good note.
  • The choice of a main course; you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and high-quality dishes.
  • Cheese: after all, we are in France, and it’s one of the foods we prefer to eat.
  • A dessert that will be different for Christmas and New Year’s.
  • A delicacy.
  • You can, of course, choose an alcoholic beverage from your menu to accompany your meal.

If you are a vegan and do not eat meat, you can easily find a meatless menu, which is quite significant. Also, note that there are menus available for children. These two options follow the same principles as explained above.

Also, it’s worth noting that many restaurants are also themed during this period. You can find Christmas tree-shaped cakes, for example. And don’t forget that the restaurant decorations still reflect the Christmas and New Year’s colors at EuroDisney.