Cars Four Wheel Rally – Disneyland Attraction

Attraction Cars Rally Race

During my visit to Disneyland Paris, I had the chance to drive alongside the famous Flash McQueen character in Cars Four Wheel Rally. I was thrilled to climb into one of these little animated vehicles to discover the town of Radiator Springs. In this Disney Studio attraction, visitors are invited to take part in skid school races in special cars.

A quick word about the setting: the place is characterized by its décor, which is nothing short of breathtaking. The radiator cap is a rock formation with the appearance of a radiator cap. It represents the Ornament Valley desert mountain range. The background is painted in trompe-l’oeil. It mimics the rock formations of the Grand Canyon.

place of attraction Cars

At Cars Quatre roues Rallye, a stop in front of Martin Tow Mater’s Towing garage and Luigi’s Casa Della Tires store is a must if you want to see the local sights. In the lobby of the tourist office, the Piston Cup trophy caught my eye. I remember that this trophy was designed by the famous hood tattoo artist, Ramon.

I also saw a map of the region, part of which is hidden by a gigantic postcard proclaiming “Welcome to Radiator Spring”. On the other side, in a technical booth, actors prepare to race alongside Flash McQueen. Taking their places in gleaming American cars inspired by vehicles from the 50s, they don’t hesitate to coach their cars to achieve the perfect skid. My visit to Cars Quatre roues Rallye completely immersed me in the wonderful world of the film Cars. Are you tempted? See you at the Cars Quatre roues Rallye!

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