Captain Jack’s – Pirates’ Restaurant – Disneyland

captain jack's restaurant pirates disneyland

Open since 2017, Captain Jack’s has replaced the former Blue Laggon establishment. The restaurant has had a facelift, and above all, the menu has changed completely. I simply loved the atmosphere and the Caribbean cuisine during my stay at Disneyland. Here are the details of my culinary journey at the Pirates restaurant.

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Although I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean, I was nevertheless able to appreciate the cuisine Caribbean. Indeed, I was able to discover the magic of Disneyland. It has therefore operated when I boarded the ship of the illustrious captain, Jack Sparrow. The setting resembles that of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. I find the treasure maps, rum barrels and coconut palms. In addition, the pirate research is even displayed in the room. For example, the Captain Jack Sparrow is displayed on the wall. The lighting focuses on garlands of lanterns. Each table also features beautiful candles. Visitors appreciate the tropical ambience, which is also romantic.

During your stay at Disneyland, Jack Sparrow has a special menu in store for you. At Captain Jack’s, I noticed the menu at Le Boucanier, Le Capitaine, Le Moussaillon or Le Coffre au Trésor. For starters, there’s marinated shrimp, cod accras, crab gratin or quinoa salad. As for the fish, I loved the captain’s chicken colombo with shrimp and rice. On the other hand, it was a little spicy, but I appreciated the chef’s generosity with this dish. The world of pirates also means diving into grilled beef fillet or a dish of prime rib lacquered with tamarind.

During my visit to Disneyland, I had the chance to spend Christmas at Captain Jack’s. This establishment offered me a glass of Sbrubb or the Christmas punch. This drink is specially formulated with rum and natural orange flavor. I then enjoyed it with my dessert, island rice and mango compote. Captain Jack’s also offers exotic fruit soup or the Captain’s tricorne with guava and coconut cream for dessert. Pirate life also includes a variety of drinks, such as beer, champagne, red, white or rosé wine. Captain Jack’s recommends cocktails like the Virgin Mojito or Planteur’s Punch. The establishment has also developed drinks for children. Your toddlers can make their own fruit juice during their day at Disneyland.

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The staff have the art of making every visitor experience a magical moment at Captain Jack’s. The waiters were perfect in their pirate roles. To remember every magical moment, I brought back a few souvenirs, like the Pirates of the Carribean mug and the bamboo souvenir mug. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to meet the legendary Jack Sparrow. Enjoy a pleasant culinary journey in this restaurant during your stay at Disneyland.