California Grill – Disneyland Restaurant

view of the Disney park from the california grill

A lover of fine wine and elegant decor like me would be sure to stop by the California Grill at Disneyland Hotel. These three spaces opposite the entrance to Disneyland Park offer a fantastic view of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Inside, wall drawings depict vineyards. They reproduce on chandeliers and napkins. It’s hard not to be reminded of California grape varieties. Take your time to appreciate the tranquility of the place, lulled by the gentle melody of a piano. Luxury is the order of the day at this refined Disneyland restaurant.

map of the california grill at disneyland paris

Dining at the Disneyland Hotel restaurant is the fruit of Californian cuisine, characterized by its European, Hispanic and Asian influences. The food is refined. The menu is very varied.

  • Menu Fée Clochette at €90, and if wine is included, the price rises to €115.
  • Winery Menu at €70 comprising starter, main course and dessert
  • Children’s menu at €38
  • Menu Dégustation at €130, with dishes chosen by the chef according to available produce
  • Disneyland Premium Menu reserved for Premium coupon holders.
meal at california grill disneyland hotel

As I passed, I asked the waiter to bring me a hot drink, and was surprised to see a tray of sweets with it. I can definitely describe the service as top-of-the-range! Still, I agree with the house’s dress code: smart or casual, but with shoulders covered; no flip-flops, shorts or Bermuda shorts either.