Café Hyperion – Disneyland restaurant

Café Hyperion Disneyland Paris

Café Hyperion is one of Disneyland’s largest self-service restaurants. In the 90s, it was one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in Europe. Rehabilitated in 2015, this establishment was the setting for the famous Jedi Training Academy. Kids have fun mastering lightsabers at Disneyland Paris. To experience the magic of Disneyland, I started my day here. And so I set off to conquer this futuristic universe. Café Hyperion is home to the incredible Vidéopolis room. Indeed, this hangar is the perfect place for cinephiles.

hyperion café plan in disneyland paris

After a good film, Café Hyperion is a convenient place for a quiet bite to eat. The restaurant offers four menus, a children’s menu, à la carte, drinks, desserts and l’Instant délice. The menu at this Disneyland Paris restaurant costs around €14 to €17. These are distinguished by their burger variations: the fish burger, the chicken burger, the Premium cheeseburger and the BB-Burger. To accompany the meal, the restaurant always offers fries or a fresh salad.

menu star wars café hyperion disneyland

As for desserts, they vary depending on the menu. Le Café Hyperion recommends, for example, a yoghurt on a bed of fruit, a magnum or a Tropical Gold pineapple. When I visited Disneyland, I notes that the Kid’s Cheeseburger is very popular with children. They love Kinder Ice Cream Stick. For vegetarians, the restaurant reserve the famous Veggie Burger or the Vegetable and Grain Salad.

Café Hyperion brings together young and old. Let yourself be tempted by the Yoda cupcake or the Darth Vader. May the Force be with you!