Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – Disneyland attraction

Children's attraction Buzz lightyear laser blast

Armed with a laser cannon, you climb aboard an XP-40 cruiser to fly through space. You, the Junior Space Rangers, are going to help Buzz Lightyear prevent Emperor Zorg from looting the piles of toys he will later use in his weapon of destruction. We don’t want him to score any points.

It was a real opportunity for us to experience the life-size Pixar Toy Story series, much to my son’s delight, and to my own amusement at losing track of time. What’s more, having the impression of traveling through the galaxy was so fantastic. At first, I was a little confused by the instructions, but fortunately my two companions quickly understood. In the end, it was easy for me to aim at Zorg’s nasty robots.

Buzz Lightyear merry-go-round entrance

I really recommend this family game of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast for more family unity. This attraction is located in the Discoveryland area. Everyone has access. If you don’t want to queue, you can book a FastPass ticket. With PhotoPass+, you’ll be able to take beautiful photos with your favorite Disney characters. You’ll have a lot to talk about after this Disneyland attraction, I assure you, woman’s word!