The Buffalo Bill show at Disneyland Paris – Wild West Show at Disney

Maybe you’ve got your tickets for the famous Eurodisney theme park, and you’d like to find out about the various shows taking place during your Disney trip. Or maybe you haven’t bought your cheap Disneyland tickets yet, because you want to know in advance about the various shows and events taking place throughout the year.

Disneyland Paris offers a wide range of shows all year round. Among these shows, you can find Buffalo Bill Disney. It’s a Disney Village show.

It’s a show that Disneyland Paris park has to offer.

However, it does a very special time and atmosphere. Which makes it particularly unique.

Buffalo Bill's Restaurant Disney

A Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris

Buffalo Bill Disney is a Wild West Show. This originally come from travelling shows in the U.S. and Canada. throughout Europe.

The very first of these was Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. It was this show that very much inspired by Disneyland Paris.

This show is set in 1992. It was the same year that Disneyland opened. He is one of the shows that came into being with Eurodisney.

In 2018, this show saw its ten millionth viewer.

It really is a incredible moment of witnessing an art form that evolves year after year but remains authentic.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t escape unscathed. It’ll blow your mind from start to finish. end.

He dazzles the most young and old alike. So long as you’re dreaming of a return to back.

The “Legend of Buffalo” show Bill” at Disney Park

This Wild West Show that is the Buffalo Bill Disney will do everything in its power to make sure totally immersed in the atmosphere of the Far West.

You are immersed in the historic world of the Far West with outstanding actors.

To ensure you feel like a cowboy too, you’re equipped with a hat as soon as your entrance into the show.

Indians, horses and projections of wild animals such as bison… The realism of “La légende de Buffalo Bill” is simply breathtaking.

Even the bison, which is not real but projected, is integrated into the show in such a way that to make everything seem real. And the gamble paid off.

The enormous beasts blend in incredibly well with the horses and the Indians, who are very true.

And to top it all off, Mickey and his friends might just join you for the show.

A meal worthy of the real Buffalo Bill

Since Disneyland Paris knows that intense emotions whet the appetite, he combines Buffalo Bill with a small feast. worthy of the bravest cowboys.

On the menu: cornbread, chili, Texas skillet, old-fashioned potatoes and a dessert of baked apples accompanied by vanilla ice cream.

As far as drinks are concerned, you have the choice of choice of water, cola, beer, tea and coffee.

This allows you to continue your adventure into the world of the Wild West for a meal with family and friends.

The festive atmosphere continues right up to the end of your meal, but in your mind, this mood is extended to the end of the meal. at the end of the night and even in your dreams…. And that’s because this show is magic.

The promise of indescribable emotions is more than fulfilled. You ask for more and more, so divine is this timeless moment.


In other words, this Wild West Show is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time together. a Far West-themed show and meal.

It’s an era that unknown to you, but which is so well realized that you feel as if you’re there. really be.

Whether alongside of your friends and family, this legendary rendezvous delights even the most septic tanks.

It’s a show to not to be missed on your trip to Disneyland Paris.