Bleecker Street Lounge, home of Doctor Strange

Disney’s Hotel New York -The Art of Marvel continues to surprise. Relax in a cosy atmosphere at Bleecker Street Lounge. It’s a New York-style bar, where you can enjoy artisanal and organic drinks.

New York decor

After a long day at Disneyland, you’re probably looking for a quiet place to spend some quality time. Among the restaurants at the Hotel Marvel you’ll find a lounge bar with an industrial interior.

The brick walls add to the charm of this place. Also, they look crackled with very impressive gold detailing. Hanging light fixtures really immerse you in a room similar to an American apartment. But you can also sit out on the terrace to get some fresh air.

The bar is reminiscent of Doctor Strange’s address. Bleecker Street is the Superhero’s comic-book address. What’s more, it’s a street that actually exists. And the decor chosen for this lounge bar matches the style of the city.

Bleecker Marvel bar

Furniture for relaxation

There are lounge areas for groups to sit and enjoy a drink with friends. As well as being comfortable, the armchairs have a distinctive design. You can see armchairs with angled backrests. If you gather the 4 armchairs under the table, it’s reminiscent of granite.

You can also take a seat at the bar and have your favorite cocktail served to you. Drinks on a lighted shelf add a touch of elegance to the decor. Admire your bartender’s expertise as you wait for your drink. You can also contemplate a large levitating cocktail glass. Unbelievable!

Bleecker Street Lounge, what’s on the menu

You receive the card with the Doctor Strange theme. Indeed, the Bar is in honor of this superhero, master of parallel universes. You also have a coaster and a logo handkerchief. You can take them home as a souvenir. The menu features cocktails, beer, tapas and sweet treats. And since you’re at Disneyland Paris, there are alcohol-free drinks for kids.

Friendly service

You’ll have wonderful memories of your time at Bleecker Street Lounge. The staff are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Speed and efficiency are the watchwords of this establishment. And don’t forget the good mood.