Bistrot chez Rémy – Disneyland restaurant

bistrot chez remy restaurant disney

Looking for a good restaurant during your stay at Disneyland? I suggest Le Bistrot chez Rémy at the Walt Disney Studio. When you think rat, you think ratatouille, and that means the famous Disney character Remy. A passionate gourmet, he presented us with succulent dishes in this feature film from Pixar Studios. In keeping with this desire to give customers the very best, I also discovered the culinary creations of this famous sewer rat. Today, I’d like to invite you to relive those wonderful moments with me in this extraordinary universe!

plan bistrot chez remy walt disney studio

Firstly, the bistro style is striking from the outside. During your visit to Disneyland, you’ll no doubt notice the huge menus, cutlery, kitchen utensils and champagne corks in the room. A large pot even hangs over the ceiling. The chandelier sits discreetly in this airy setting. I immediately loved the incredible atmosphere. I also remember Auguste Gusteau’s striking message in Bistrot chez Rémy: Oui! You can cook!

There’s a whole list of à la carte items a menu just waiting to be savored. Indeed, there’s Rémy’s, Émile, Linguini, Gusteau, Petit Chef and Disney Check. The dishes are varied and they are completely suitable for children and adults. For my part, I starts delicately with a mixed salad, Canta, tomato confit, egg poached, crunchy radishes and a vegetable garden vinaigrette. Quite light and tasty, this starter allowed me to enjoy the rest of the meal at its best. Disneyland. I also had roast cod and Linguini’s ratatouille, mashed potatoes with olive oil and porcini mushrooms and butter sauce white star anise. Bistrot chez Rémy has mastered the blend of each ingredient. And ratatouille! The dressing was perfect with the vegetables cut into julienne strips. What’s more, the dish simply combines freshness and flavor. I conclude with Gusteau’s dessert, which is available on the menu. Émile. At 56 euros, I was satisfied since wine is included in the menu at this price. prices.

bistro meal at remy disneyland paris

In general, rates vary between 19 and 62 euros. The various menus are composed of delicious dishes such as a guinea fowl terrine with truffles and violet fig jam, one piece of beef followed by ratatouille and French fries, or a warm tarte Tatin à la Isigny cream. The little ones are also spoiled at Bistrot chez Rémy. This has not forgotten to delight your toddler’s taste buds, offering for example chicken rillettes with toast or chicken stir-fry with cream sauce. Visit children end this Disneyland meal with Rémy’s chocolate éclair and hazelnut. Chef Rémy suggests special dishes for vegetarians, such as navarin of vegetables with tofu, casserole of ravioli with herbs and tomatoes or zucchini soup with fromage frais.

For service, it’s nice to see the waiters in their Parisian outfits. Family, couple or friends, they’re all gathered at Bistrot chez Rémy. They all appreciate the sardine cans on the table. During your stay at Disneyland, this restaurant offers an exceptional culinary destination.