Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon – Restaurant Disneyland Paris

billy bobs disneyland paris

Billy Bob’s is all about music galore. From word of mouth and on social networks, it’s said that there’s a super atmosphere in this saloon-style venue. Indian Summer, Apple Jack, Celtic Sailors, Haylen and many more… All concerts, scheduled in advance, are free of charge. excellent.

But Billy Bob’s is also about good food. In addition to live music, there’s plenty to eat and drink. In short, it’s a place to let off steam in a new factory setting. Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon is located on the second floor of the building. It’s all wood. This Disney Village restaurant, located a stone’s throw from Disneyland Paris and more precisely opposite The Disney Gallery, offers Tex Mex specialties in the form of a hearty buffet featuring everything from meats and desserts to fish and vegetables.

map of Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon

Menus include main course and dessert. If you go for Billy Bob at €14.99, you’ll get Chili Con Carne with your choice of garnish. For dessert, enjoy a brownie or a bowl of fresh fruit. There’s also the Kids’Menu at €8.49, which includes a Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Lay’S potato chips and strawberry-flavored Gervais drink. If, like me, you love chicken breasts, you can have them with barbecue sauce instead of the garnished Chili Con Carne. In fact, meals at this Disneyland establishment come in a variety of options. As I’m planning to take my husband next time, I asked if it would be possible to offer him a personalized meal as he’s on a diet. The answer is yes.

meal at Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon

Another free service: a choice of 50 cl Vittel mineral water or a 33 cl soft drink. I opted for the former. So all that’s left for me to do is recommend Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon, especially for those planning a birthday party or afterwork evening. I was there, I’m satisfied.