Annual Pass Evening March 2024

“Treasure Night” Evening

On March 22, 2024, the first annual pass evening of the year will take place. Indeed, Disneyland Paris is preparing to host an exceptional evening, reserved for holders of Disneyland Pass and Annual Passes. This evening, named “Treasure Night”, will ask you to choose your favorite Land and will allow you to live a unique experience at Disneyland Paris.

Choose your Land

Fantasyland, Adventureland, Discoveryland, or Frontierland? You will need to choose your favorite to fully enjoy what this land has to offer. Each Land will welcome its own characters, its own atmosphere, and will make you live a different adventure. It will also be an opportunity to discover secret zones, until now inaccessible. You will need to find the password to access these very special places.

Immersion and unique shows

To complete the already extraordinary atmosphere of the annual pass evenings, Disneyland Paris invites you to come in costume for even more immersion. Choose your costume in accordance with your favorite land.

For this “Treasure Night” evening, there will be 4 independent shows performed. Indeed, each Land will have its own show on its theme and with the characters of its universe. A 5th show will take place at the end of the evening on Central Plaza. It will be a pyrotechnic show as only Disneyland Paris has the magic.

Practical Information

  • The Annual Pass evenings are reserved for holders of Disneyland Pass and Annual Pass
  • Each Pass holder can invite two companions
  • The ticket price for the evening is €59
  • The evening’s hours are 21:15 – 02:00
  • Access to the park from 18:00 with the evening ticket. From 18:30 if you are in costume.
  • Places are limited and only bookable online
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