Annette’s Diner – Restaurant Disneyland Paris

restaurant disney annette s diner

A trip to Disney Village prompted me to try Annette’s Diner. At first, I was attracted by the visitors who go to the trouble of queuing to get in. I told myself that if this happy days-style restaurant near Disney attracts so many people, it’s because it makes a difference, and I was absolutely right. Disney Village’s Annette’s Diner has everything it takes to transport me back to the rock’n’roll days of the ’50s. A good-natured, American-style atmosphere prevails. The large statue of a beautiful young woman marking the existence of a staircase leading upstairs immediately caught my attention. I decided to go up.

annette's diner paris map

Once upstairs, as a self-respecting gourmet, I chose the Annette’s Maxi Incredible Burger at €26.99. Note that if you manage to finish your share, you win a free Annettes’s Shake or Smoothie Shake. This giant burger is part of the Annette’s XXL menu, but if you prefer a smaller portion, you can opt for the Annette’s Favourite Menu for €19.99, where you can have your choice of one dish from Annette’s Classics plus a trendy brownie. The All American Chili Hot Dog at this Disney Village restaurant looks good. I didn’t choose it, but looking at the other tables, I think it’s well presented.

meal at annette's dienr restaurant

I was struck by the playfulness of the service: waiters and waitresses glide along on roller skates to bring you your meal, a style worthy of an amusement park! Admittedly, I had to wait a long time for my order to arrive, but the decor and atmosphere of the place really kept me entertained. I didn’t even see the time go by. I promised myself I’d take my family there next time.