Adventure Isle – Disneyland attraction

Situated in the heart of Adventureland, Adventure Isle is a collection of beautiful landscapes to get you in a state of mind. At least, that’s how I felt when I set out to visit this park  Disneyland Attraction in Paris, in the company of my friend.

adventure land suspension bridge

The design was not random. Everything is real and well thought out. Together, they form an enchanted island, but be warned: it’s also a haven for pirates who ply the world’s oceans. During your hike, you’ll notice that castaways leave their skin here. I won’t go into detail. I’ll let you discover these amazing surprises the next time you visit this island of adventure, if you feel like it. You can explore it during the day. You can also take a walk at night for even more thrills.

First you’ll see Robinson’s Cabin, next to which is a map of Adventure Isle. Below, the dark caves take on a mystical quality when lit by torchlight at night. You are in fact in the Belly of the Earth. The same goes for the inside of Skull Rock. It’s a huge rock in the shape of a skull, like the one in the Peter Pan cartoon.

adventure isle attraction card

During the day, we intended to take photos of ourselves in the middle of the suspension bridge, but in the end, all the photos were blurred because of the movement of the bridge. It was indeed crowded, and the more boisterous children were running around, swinging the bridge. The grown-ups are doing their bit too. They bounce as if on a trampoline. However, I think it’s best to visit the place in a group, especially if you’re a scaredy-cat.