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Walt's an american restaurant Disneyland paris

There’s no shortage of sit-down restaurants at Disneyland. There are a number of them, and if you’re not a regular, you could waste a lot of time finding the right table for lunch or dinner. Today, I’m taking you to Walt’s – An American Restaurant. Walt’s is housed in a rather small building, and you won’t recognize it at first glance. Located right in the middle of Main Street USA, it’s the restaurant’s nameplate that should catch your eye first. From the outside, you can already tell that the restaurant offers a rather intimate setting. What makes Walt’s so special are the six small rooms, each with its own theme and atmosphere. The rooms are themed on Fantasyland, Adventureland, Dicoveryland, Disneyland Hotel, Grand Canyon and Frontierland. Let’s face it, the setting at Walt’s – An American Restaurant caters mainly to couples. However, there’s nothing to stop you going alone or with your family.

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Like As its name suggests, Walt’s is first and foremost a restaurant offering a cuisine American-style, with à la carte dishes. The restaurant menu is varied enough to meet every need. First and foremost with prices ranging from 17.99 euros to 20.99 euros. We include this salad of roasted vegetables with mustard for 17.99 euros, or the herbed crab crumble which costs 20.99 euros. There are fish, including poached lobster at 64.99 euros. Visit meat dishes are not to be outdone. We feature beef tenderloin Grilled Angus for 49.99 euros or a pork chop with Barbecue sauce. available at 42.99 euros. A wide choice of desserts is also available, including including a blueberry and strawberry cheesecake (15.99 euros), a tarte au with lemon and green apple jelly (15.99 euros), or an assortment of sorbets (14.99 euros). Finally, you can order a children’s menu at 24.99 euros including starter, main course and dessert.

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Visit service is one of my main points of satisfaction. Indeed, the waiters are always smiling and very friendly, although the pace of the service remains rather slow for my taste. But that’s not an insurmountable criterion in view of the quality of the dishes. In any case, it’s not a fast-food restaurant. So if you’re in a hurry, skip it! Walt’s is a restaurant at Disneyland Paris, where you have to take your time when eating. Visit In general, value for money remains average.

All in all, Walt’s – An American Restaurant is without doubt one of the best restaurants in the entire park. It piles up the good points, from ambience and service to prices and food quality. So it’s without a shadow of a doubt that I recommend lunch or dinner at Walt’s – An American Restaurant.

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