Sports Bar – Restaurant Disneyland

Sports Bar Disneyland Paris

When sports fans come to Disneyland Paris, they go to the Sports Bar. This is my case. I particularly like this place, decorated in the American tradition, because here you can watch various sporting events on screen. Conviviality is the order of the day. Thanks to the Sports Bar at Disney Village, I’ve been able to make friends and meet new people. In short, you’re never alone here. I even got to know Olivier, a member of staff, who really impressed me with his professionalism.

location of the Disneyland Sports Bar

What’s for dinner, would you say? – Good burgers, pizzas and sandwiches, but there are also the light preparations that can be eaten at the table. Sports Bar is a snack bar ideal for those who don’t want a big Disney meal. For a little over €30, my friends and I were able to order 1 Coca-Cola, 1 Fanta and 1 Despe, pasta bolognese and chicken salad. And of course something else, like fries and nuggets, and the list goes on.

meal at the sports bar disney village
Mmmm… tortillas!!

On the service side, it’s still quite long, but there’s plenty of time for entertainment. Besides, what’s the point in rushing if you’ve come to watch a match or catch up on sports news? It’s important to note, however, that Sports Bar’s clientele isn’t just made up of sports fans and enthusiasts. You’re welcome to come along, if only to take the time to freshen up.

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