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inside Phantom Manor Disneyland paris

Looking for a thrill? Not a thrill-seeker? So Phantom Manor should be an attraction you’re particularly keen on! In fact, you won’t get any jolts or loops, but you’ll get a real thrill. Of course, shouting is allowed! Want to get started? Don’t you dare yet? Why don’t we tell you a little more about this ghost castle? You’d certainly be able to make a decision! Stay with us, and we’ll tell you all (or almost all) about Phantom Manor!

A breathtaking fictional story!

Phantom Manor is one of Disneyland’s top attractions. You enter a castle and a story is told. Long story short, the Ravenswood family lives in Thunder Mesa, a town founded on the frontier in the 19th century. The family is rather wealthy, but the father is somewhat possessive. What’s his, stays his – that’s the rule!

But it must be said that he is also possessive of those closest to him. And her daughter Mélanie is no exception. The latter is getting closer to another young man, which does not please Melanie’s father. But it should be noted that the latter has had 4 suitors in her life:

  • Barry Claude, who was killed by a bear.
  • Captain Rowan D. Falls, who fell down a waterfall and died.
  • Ignitus Knight, known as “Iggy”, died after a stick of dynamite was accidentally lit.
  • Swayer Bottom, which was cut by a saw.

But it’s important to know that behind this story lies a spine-chilling rumor. Apparently, Melanie’s father was the cause of all these deaths. And it’s worth noting that Mélanie has remained a young bride all her life. Certainly because of his father.

entrance to Phantom Manor

A chilling atmosphere inside the castle!

As you can see, it’s a ghost castle. The spirits of Melanie and Henry, who is nicknamed the Phantom, are still around. Don’t like ghost trains? It’s not an attraction you’re likely to enjoy. Nevertheless, if you like big thrills, we can only recommend this attraction.

You’ll enter this gloomy castle and, as you might expect, things won’t go quite as planned! But don’t worry, it’s still an attraction, don’t you think?

In any case, it’s well worth the detour. Plus, it’s a change from ghost trains. It’s not a very long attraction! And don’t worry, if it’s hot outside, Phantom Manor is air-conditioned. You’re not going to die, at least not from heat! But out of fear, perhaps…

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