Sleeping Beauty Gallery – Disneyland Attraction

Sleeping Beauty Gallery Paris

Never taken the time to visit the Sleeping Beauty gallery? On your next visit, this is definitely not one to miss! But first, let’s tell you a little about this attraction! Far from being just another attraction, it will take you straight into another world. Ready to get in on the action?

If you’re expecting a thrill ride, you’ve come to the wrong place. In fact, the castle you’re used to seeing at the entrance to the park is actually Sleeping Beauty’s castle. To enter the park, pass beneath it. But the most interesting part is the gallery. You’ll be able to see magnificent sculptures, as well as beautiful stained-glass windows. As you probably know, Sleeping Beauty welcomes you with open arms to her gallery. This Disneyland Paris attraction is suitable for young and old alike. After all, there’s no age limit for discovering these magical places at Disney!

map to the Sleeping Beauty gallery

You’re bound to be familiar with this pink castle that can be spotted from miles around. Who hasn’t taken a photo with this background? In any case, you’re more than welcome to enter the castle and visit the gallery. If you’ve seen Sleeping Beauty, you’ll certainly recognize the songs that play during your visit. Don’t hesitate to take a few photos!

It’s an attraction that can be done all day long, whenever you have a moment. You can do it just after a thrill ride, as it will certainly help you to regain your composure.

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