Crush’s coaster – Disneyland attraction

entrance to Crush's Coaster

The first time I tried out Crush’s Coaster was at the end of May or beginning of June, I can’t remember exactly, but it was at a party where there was a giant karaoke and playback song contest, and then last July, during the Electroland festival. So I thought I’d give this attraction a try during the day, this time without a festival. I’d been looking for the right moment, so many festivals came and went, but finally it happened. I wanted a bit of calm and concentration to better live the experience. However, it wasn’t quite as tranquil as I’d hoped, as the thrills produced by the ride offered by Crush’s Coaster had the young ones screaming. They were cries of joy and delight.

Everything I know about Crush’s coaster and festivals

It was hot. Fortunately, Crush’s coaster is an air-conditioned attraction. Before I tell you about the adventure, I’d like to describe where the park is located. Well, it’s in the Toon Studio land, right at Walt Disney Studios, because it’s a sort of partial reproduction of the feature film Finding Nemo. I well remember its success, in 2007, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, which has meant that today, the land is often the scene of various cultural and artistic events. Crush’s Coaster has a nickname: the Nemo Attraction.

A unique experience

You’ll travel through an aquatic setting, surrounded by sea turtles, Nemo and his comrades, and other marine animals. There’s a “dark ride” session where everything takes place in the dark. Your means of transport is a carapace vessel that moves on rails. A little gentler than the roller coaster, this Disney Studio Attraction is still worth experiencing. There are ascents and descents. Then we turn you at a certain height. It’s enough to make you dizzy. You hear the sound of water. In fact, you’re experiencing the joys of the East Australian ocean current.

location of Crush's Coaster at the Walt Disney Studio in Paris

Your rights and regulations

I recommend the Nemo attraction if you’re not pregnant. When up to four of you travel in your carapace, you are protected by a bar. This protection is likely to cause you discomfort when it hits your lower abdomen during sudden movements of your vessel.

There is also a minimum stature requirement of 1.07 m. That’s what it has in common with roller coasters. There are no VIP pass tickets for Crush’s Coaster. However, you are entitled to the Baby Switch. That is, if you’re coming as a couple with your children, for example. One of you can go first, and on the way back, pass the Baby Switch to the other and let him or her go in turn, without queuing.

Here’s some fun while you wait your turn: download the free Crush’s Coaster app, then play with the Disney characters.

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